Monday, December 7, 2009

4 weeks to go...

I can't believe that I am 9 months pregnant...36 weeks! Wow...I had always hoped I would make it this far, but in the back of mind, I was really fearful that I wouldn't. Yuck...I hate even writing that but that is definitely the truth.

As I come to the end of the pregnancy, I am having a lot of mixed emotions. Of course, I can't wait for our little girl to arrive and to see her sweet face...but I also keep reminding myself that the next four weeks are the last of Kevin and my time together as we know it. The house has been pretty quiet, with the exception of Eddie's barking...I guess it is the calm before the storm. :)

We've been nesting and getting thing in order around the house. The closets are organized. All of the baby stuff is neatly put away. The Christmas gifts are bought and wrapped...and the ones for the Michigan family are already in the mail! Wow...we are so on top of, we just need the baby to get here.

I'm sleeping less and less. I've had a lot of braxton hicks contractions lately. My body is definitely practicing for the real deal. The baby is positioned with her head down and the doctor said that she probably won't yay...she is already super smart and doing what she is supposed to! My back continues to hurt and my legs have started to go numb every now and then. My hands are also acting up...numb in the morning and ache all day long. My doctor thinks that it is carpel tunnel syndrome which is common during pregnancy.

So...4 weeks to go...I am really excited and really nervous all at the same time. We're just taking it all a day at a time...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Bring on the maternity clothes!

So, I went a little crazy yesterday at Destination Maternity. I am finally at the stage where wearing my normal clothes is just not possible...I guess that is normal for being 22 weeks pregnant.

I start my new job on September 1st and was feeling as though I needed to start fresh...wipe the slate completely clean...and that, of course, includes a new wardrobe. I really intended to just buy a black skirt, a pair of black pants, and a black dress...all must haves and easy to accesorize. $500 later- I ended up with 3 skirts (none of which are black), 2 dresses (one actually is black), 3 tops, and 3 pairs of tights/leggings. I was pleasantly surprised at the choices and stylish options that were available. I guess I went into it thinking that the 3 black staples would be my best bet because I really didn't think they made stylish clothes for pregnant women.

I could've choked as I was watching the total increase on the register while the lady was ringing everything up. I've finally released it though...I had to do it. Clothes are a necessity...I can't walk around naked. My work clothes are especially important and contribute to how I feel about myself each day...and ultimately contribute to the work that I do. If I feel like crap, I don't want to work. If I feel good, then I am more motivated to do a good job. So...I have new clothes...5 new outfits to be exact...and some are even inter-changeable. It felt like shopping for new school clothes at the start of a new school year...only this time, I was handing over the cash instead of my mom. Bummer...

Well, I'm really starting to look pregnant!!! Check me out in one of my new outfits...this one is a fave!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We're having a Baby!!!

Yay!!! The Boytes are going to have a baby!!! It is so funny to read our first post below where we talked about not having kiddos to blog about...but when I wrote that, we were actually about a week pregnant. I guess the saying, "What you think about, you bring about" really is true...careful what you put in writing. :)

We are so very excited and can't believe that there is actually a baby inside of me. The first 13 weeks have been a breeze (knock on wood) and we are hoping that the rest of the pregnancy is this easy. As of today, I haven't thrown up once and haven't even gained a pound!!! Woohoo!!! Clothes are starting to fit wierd though...and I know that it is just a matter of time before I am laying on the bathroom floor, crying because my pants won't button. I have found that the old wives tale that women love pickles and ice cream when pregnant is true! I can't get enough ice cream and slurpies and smoothies and cold, creamy yumminess! And pickles are definitely up there on the list...fried pickles from Hooters are a little gift from heaven!


So, this video is from our 12 week ultrasound. We were so shocked that our Baby actually looks like a real baby...with feet and hands...and legs and arms. It is crazy how much our little friend is moving around inside there...and even crazier that I c
an't feel a thing. It is all just so amazing. Take a look at the video...the Baby's head is on the right side of the screen. You will be able to see our Baby's legs shoot up the left side of the frame...and then pull back in toward the chest. Baby Boyte likes to arch it's back and kick those legs...and swing those arms. How cool is that!!!

We will be going back in 10 weeks to learn if it is a boy or a girl. Kevin is asking everyone to pray for a boy...and a stellar athlete. I would love to have a girl, of course...however will be thrilled either way.

We hope you will check back often and read up on our journey to parenthood...we'll be updating more often now that we have something exciting to write about. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

our very own blog...

Hi Friends!!!

Kevin and I decided that we would follow your lead and start our very own blog. Although we're not preggers or have any kiddos of our own to blog about, we are newlyweds and have some fun stuff to share every now and then.

It seems as though just about everyone we know has a blog these days...even my Company (Mary Kay) has a blog now. So, why not us...hopefully we'll give you something entertaining to read every now and well as another way to keep in touch with us as we go through our crazy busy lives! Happy Reading!!!