Monday, August 31, 2009

Bring on the maternity clothes!

So, I went a little crazy yesterday at Destination Maternity. I am finally at the stage where wearing my normal clothes is just not possible...I guess that is normal for being 22 weeks pregnant.

I start my new job on September 1st and was feeling as though I needed to start fresh...wipe the slate completely clean...and that, of course, includes a new wardrobe. I really intended to just buy a black skirt, a pair of black pants, and a black dress...all must haves and easy to accesorize. $500 later- I ended up with 3 skirts (none of which are black), 2 dresses (one actually is black), 3 tops, and 3 pairs of tights/leggings. I was pleasantly surprised at the choices and stylish options that were available. I guess I went into it thinking that the 3 black staples would be my best bet because I really didn't think they made stylish clothes for pregnant women.

I could've choked as I was watching the total increase on the register while the lady was ringing everything up. I've finally released it though...I had to do it. Clothes are a necessity...I can't walk around naked. My work clothes are especially important and contribute to how I feel about myself each day...and ultimately contribute to the work that I do. If I feel like crap, I don't want to work. If I feel good, then I am more motivated to do a good job. So...I have new clothes...5 new outfits to be exact...and some are even inter-changeable. It felt like shopping for new school clothes at the start of a new school year...only this time, I was handing over the cash instead of my mom. Bummer...

Well, I'm really starting to look pregnant!!! Check me out in one of my new outfits...this one is a fave!!!

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