Monday, December 7, 2009

4 weeks to go...

I can't believe that I am 9 months pregnant...36 weeks! Wow...I had always hoped I would make it this far, but in the back of mind, I was really fearful that I wouldn't. Yuck...I hate even writing that but that is definitely the truth.

As I come to the end of the pregnancy, I am having a lot of mixed emotions. Of course, I can't wait for our little girl to arrive and to see her sweet face...but I also keep reminding myself that the next four weeks are the last of Kevin and my time together as we know it. The house has been pretty quiet, with the exception of Eddie's barking...I guess it is the calm before the storm. :)

We've been nesting and getting thing in order around the house. The closets are organized. All of the baby stuff is neatly put away. The Christmas gifts are bought and wrapped...and the ones for the Michigan family are already in the mail! Wow...we are so on top of, we just need the baby to get here.

I'm sleeping less and less. I've had a lot of braxton hicks contractions lately. My body is definitely practicing for the real deal. The baby is positioned with her head down and the doctor said that she probably won't yay...she is already super smart and doing what she is supposed to! My back continues to hurt and my legs have started to go numb every now and then. My hands are also acting up...numb in the morning and ache all day long. My doctor thinks that it is carpel tunnel syndrome which is common during pregnancy.

So...4 weeks to go...I am really excited and really nervous all at the same time. We're just taking it all a day at a time...

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