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Hey Friends!!!  I'm Traci and thanks for checking out my blog.  I hope that you'll grab a beer or pour yourself a glass of wine - or whatever your drink of choice is - and stay awhile.  Maybe you'll laugh.  Maybe you'll cry.  Maybe you'll love me...or maybe you'll press the X in the upper right corner and never come back...whatever you choose is fine by me.  :)

I'm one of four daughters that my Dad made.  And one of two daughters that my Mom made.  I was my Dad's baby for 11 years until his third daughter was born.  I'll forever be my Mom's baby...and she will forever be my best friend.  My parents divorced when I was in the third grade.  Both remarried.  Some more than others.  I don't judge.  Their relationship, and especially their relationships with their other spouses, taught me a lot about what marriage should and shouldn't look like and be about...and has ultimately paved the way for my incredible marriage.

My Mom remarried and moved to Dallas while I was a junior in college.  I wasn't happy about it and vowed that I would never visit, let alone ever move anywhere remotely close to her.  Three days after graduation, my car was packed and I was on my way to Dallas.  I had only planned to stay for the summer...which turned into Christmas...which was extended even longer because I met my soul mate, Kevin.  "I" became "We" and nine years later...I'm still in Dallas and don't plan on leaving.  Sorry Michigan fam...

We are The Boyte Family. 

Six months after we were married, we made a daughter - Reagan. She is the most awesome, independent, spirited, funny, angelic, demanding, gorgeous little three year-old I have ever met.  And, though we didn't make him, we have the best dog on the planet - Eddie is six.   He was our first "child" and continues to teach us about life and what it means to love unconditionally.  We hope to find a magic formula that will give him eternal life...or just extend his life span to coincide with ours.  We like to travel, drink beer, eat sushi, cheer on the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys, and spend as much time as possible at the lake on our boat.  We're pretty simple people.  We go to work every day and look forward to the weekends.  We try to eat dinner at the dinner table every night and give each other hugs and kisses before we go to bed.  We don't go on vacation nearly enough...and are doing Dave Ramsey to get out of debt so that we can change that!

I love God and believe that he has blessed me abundantly...thus the name of the blog, as well as the "Blessings" section of the blog.  Although I was raised around Christians and grew up as a Catholic, my faith and relationship with God has really just started to flourish in the last few years...and especially in this last one.  I'm still pretty fresh in my learnings...like really fresh...like I should really go to the Sunday school class with my daughter each weekend and learn the bible stories because I am WAY behind on all of that!  I pray that through reflecting and sharing in this space about my journey with Christ, that I will gain clarity...and maybe even inspire others to seek out a relationship with the man upstairs.

I like to cook...thus the "Recipes" section of the blog.  I don't necessarily create my own recipes, but I love to try things that others say are good...and I'm happy to share my opinions of them if it'll help a sister out with a weeknight dinner idea.
I also like to dream...thus the "Bucket List" section of the blog.  What you think about...you bring about.  And I'm all about making my dreams come true!  I look forward to adding more and crossing things off that list more regularly.

So...that's me in a REALLY small nutshell...

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